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Skeleton Wizard is a monthly compendium of heavy metal-fueled weirdness for the Fifth Edition of the original fantasy role-playing game, with a side dish of story games.

SKELETON WIZARD #2 contains...

  • Catacombs of the Deathpriests, a geomorphic scenario for 5e characters of levels 2-3
  • Three new monsters: the Eye Gobbler, the Dachmar Construct, and the Aboleth Stinger -- plus a new take on Jermlaines
  • The Simple PC Record, a bare bones character sheet for teaching  5e to new players
  • Ghost Truck, a solo LARP about ghosts in abandoned trucks
  • Horse Watchers, a random table about what happens to the people your adventurers left watching their horses
  • Memorious Slime, an account of the unusually intelligent otyughs of Xeopsia 
  • 34 pages, plus a fillable PDF character sheet

Skeleton Wizard is written & designed by Jack Graham and published by Giantkiller Industries. This month's cover art is by Cibby Acosta.

Content Warnings (aka, "Selling Points"): Anthropophagy, Corpses, Gore, Raw Sewage, Religion


Buy Now$2.95 USD or more

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